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Free Bansuri Tutorials

Free Online Bansuri Lessons

​In an effort to spread the bansuri bliss and the lndian classical music knowledge far and wide, Dr. Kerry Kriger will be giving a free online bansuri lesson​. During the lesson, Dr. Kriger will teach a raga (traditional melody from northern India), discuss rhythm and explain how to read and write Indian classical music. ​If […]

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Private Online Bansuri Lessons

Private Bansuri Lessons

The absolute best way to learn Indian classical music is through private, one-on-one lessons with a knowledgeable teacher. All the famous Indian classical musicians learned in this manner (the guru-shishya parampara).  While the internet provides a massive amount of Indian music knowledge through free videos, all that information is transmitted uni-directionally: from the teacher to the […]

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