Am I The Right Bansuri Teacher For You?

Bansuri Tutor Kerry Kriger

If you seek to play beautiful bansuri and to deepen your understanding of ragas and north Indian classical music, than I am quite possibly the right teacher for you.

If your top musical goal is to learn film music, bhajans, pop, rock or western classical music, I am probably not the right teacher for you, though I do believe that an understanding of Indian classical music would lead to significant improvements in any genre of music you pursue.

If you want to study with me because you are already familiar with what I teach; how I teach; and the quality and quantity of musical knowledge you acquire when I teach, then I am quite possibly the right teacher for you.

If you just heard about me through an online search and are not familiar with my music or my teaching style, you should probably spend some more time engaging with my multitude of free videos, website articles and podcast episodes prior to deciding if you want to study with me in a more formal sense.

If you are choosing a bansuri teacher based on fees, then I am not the right teacher for you (though you should certainly take advantage of the multitude of free materials I have published, if indeed the subject matter appeals to you).

If you would rather have fifteen extra dollars in your bank account each month than have musical enlightenment, than I am not the right teacher for you.

If you learn best from a teacher who communicates clearly and whose learning materials are well thought out, organized and intended to be correct, useful and sought after for decades to come, I could very well be the teacher for you.

If you seek a bansuri teacher who, from already having taught hundreds of beginner bansuri students and seeing the commonalities among them, already knows the problems you grapple with; the questions you have; and the flaws in your playing; and has already determined the solutions to your problems and created lessons around solving them, then I am quite possibly the teacher for you.

If you accept the fact that no teacher in any endeavor can guarantee you success; that the role of the teacher is merely to inspire you and set you on the fastest and most certain path to success; that your results will be in direct proportion to your commitment and dedication to the subject at hand, as evidenced by your regular attendance at lessons and the number of hours you devote to practice; then I may be the right teacher for you.

Brindavani Sarang bansuri bliss members lesson

Teaching raag Brindavani Sarang during the July 19th, 2020 Bansuri Bliss Members Lesson.

If You Do Think I Am The Right Bansuri Teacher For You

I encourage you to create your free Bansuri Bliss account and take advantage of the free offerings you will find once you are logged in to the site.

If you like what’s inside, the next step is to complete the Bansuri Bliss Expression Of Interest form so we can determine if Bansuri Bliss Membership is right for you.

Bansuri Lessons For Absolute Beginners

Teaching the Bansuri For Absolute Beginners Class, June 30th, 2020.

Private Bansuri Lessons

Once you become a member, you may want to explore private bansuri lessons with me…if you are practicing regularly and committed to improving your musical abilities.

Bansuri Private Lesson - Kerry Kriger and Chas Newkey-Burden

Teaching Chas, December 18th, 2019.

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