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Are you a musician with skills? Do you like to jam, experiment or collaborate on innovative musical projects?

I travel a lot and like to play music with people when I’m on the road. So if you want to jam, please fill out ​the form below so I can add you to my database…then when I end up in your country or state, ​hopefully​ we’ll make some music!

I believe that any musicians can play together, regardless of their instruments or musical background, as long as they can communicate to each other the rhythm and scale or chords they are playing. So regardless of what you play (Indian or western or other), please fill out this form if you like to play music!

Chad and Kerry Kriger jamming

​Chad and Kerry Kriger jamming in Cappadochia, Turkey, June 2007

Please Fill Out This Form If You Want To Jam

It’s short, but the more detail you provide the better!

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Dr. Kerry Kriger jamming at Suchipakari in the Ecuadorian Amazon, 2015

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