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Kerry Kriger Bansuri Students

Let’s Jam Together On An Alankar!

My third bansuri lesson with Dr. Kerry Kriger was quite exciting! Firstly, he had an interesting virtual background cover photo of Indian musical legends, while on the video call. It felt like I was in a room of musical legends watching me! The ‘vibe’ of the lesson was entirely different.

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Bansuri Rhythm

The Importance Of Playing Your Bansuri With Rhythm

The bansuri sounds really nice when you play it with rhythm. Rhythm is something that’s both innate within you, and all around you. And playing in rhythm is great practice!

In this insightful, entertaining, soulful and enlightening lesson with Dr. Kerry, I learned the importance of playing the bansuri with a sense of rhythm. In the world of Indian classical music notation, you use various symbols to denote the rhythm.

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Kerry Kriger Bansuri

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have professional skills and a desire to learn bansuri? If so, read on!Bansuri Bliss occasionally requires assistance with graphic design, web design, computer programming, marketing and other business needs. If you can help out, then Dr. Kerry Kriger can provide you with bansuri lessons as an exchange for your valuable assistance. You will […]

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Bansuri Stories

The Bansuri Journey Begins: My First Online Lesson

I’m Akshay, a bansuri enthusiast and one of Dr. Kerry Kriger’s new students. I’m going to be sharing my journey of learning to play the bansuri, so you can join the fun! To give you a bit of a background, I did some research online to find a good bansuri teacher, and found Dr. Kerry’s style to be unique, blending eastern and western styles. His videos were different from the ones I’d seen, so I decided to reach out to him.

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Musicians Lets Jam

Musicians: Let’s Jam

Are you a musician with skills? Do you like to jam, experiment or collaborate on innovative musical projects? I travel a lot and like to play music with people when I’m on the road. So if you want to jam, please fill out this form so I can add you to my database…then when I end up in your country or state, hopefully we’ll make some music!

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Vijay Raghav Rao bansuri master

Vijay Raghav Rao

Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao was at the forefront of classical Indian music for six decades. Vijayji was born in India in 1925 and played the bamboo flute since he was a child. He conducted the music for India’s Independence celebration at the Red Fort in Delhi in 1947, and scored the music for many films. He toured and recorded with tabla masters such as Ustad Alla Rakha, Pandit Anindo Chaterjee and Ustad Sabir Khan, and taught the art of bansuri to many students, including G.S. Sachdev, Ronu Majumdar and Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger.

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