Bhimpalasi Rhythm Lesson (Jhala) From Kiev

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger a variety of rhythms for teental jhala. Recorded live from Kiev, Ukraine, October 22, 2017.

“Namaste Flute Enthusiast!

A few days ago I gave a lesson in Bhimpalasi to one of my young students (she’s 11 years old!). I taught her 17 rhythmic variations of a single line of music. Today I added nine more variations to the list. This Sunday I will give a free online class and teach you all 26 rhythmic variations.

These rhythmic variations should open your mind up to the multitude of ways one can improvise and keep the rhythm fresh and interesting. They will also help you analyze and understand the rhythms you hear in your home and around town so you can improve your musical abilities whether or not your flute is in your hands.

This lesson will give you the fundamentals of jhala (the rapid staccato/crescendo/climax section that often concludes the raga) for any raga that you play.”


Sunday October 22nd, 2017
6:30pm Kiev time
8:30am Los Angeles time
11:00pm Mumbai time

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