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On this page, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches Janasamohini, a popular evening raga from India.

The name Janasamohini means “that which mesmerizes the people” and if you play it well you will indeed mesmerize at least some of people. Janasamohini has a heptatonic (6-note) scale, with only one komal note
(Komal Ni), making it a perfect raga for beginner bansuri players who are ready to experiment with a komal note. It does not have that many rules, so it is fairly easy to improvise in. And best of all, it can help you experience some of that sweet Bansuri Bliss!

Jansamohini Raga Janassamohini

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Bansuri Fingering Chart - Janasamohini

A bansuri fingering chart to help you understand:
(1) How to play the notes of Janasamohini;
(2) The distances between the notes in the scale; and
(3) what notes are omitted

Download the PDF and add it to the Janasamohini folder on your computer.

Created January 8th, 2022 in Manassas, VA, USA.

Let's Make Sure You Have Some Written Music...

Janasamohini - Arhythmic Scale Exercise

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches scale exercises in Janasamohini. The exercises are set to a beat, but not to a rhythm. Play continuously without stopping on any note other than the final note. Scroll down this page to watch Dr. Kriger teach these exercises in the Bansuri Bliss Holiday Bash video.

Download the PDF below and add it to the Janasamohini folder on your computer.

Quick tip: Install a PDF Reader app on your phone and tablet so that you can access your Indian music notes from anywhere. Spend time studying your ragas the next time you are on public transport.

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How To Play Janasamohini on Bansuri

In this video, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches Janasamohini, a traditional evening melody from northern India. Dr. Kriger is playing a bansuri with Sa (three holes closed) at F +8 cents, (which is 154.42Hz).

Watch the entire video if you are intent on learning Janasamohini. Then practice what you’ve been taught.

This lesson was recorded March 16th, 2015 in Orinda, California.

“Bless you Dr Kerry, best bamboo flute lessons available on YouTube. Keep them coming sir, respect.”
— Vroom1231

Bansuri Bliss Productions

VIDEO: Janasamohini (2: Jhala & Tonguing)

Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches you all about tonguing a bamboo flute (bansuri), as well as how to play the raga Janasamohini, an evening melody from northern India. The goal of the video is to introduce you to tonguing, which lies at the heart of the section of the raga called “jhala”. Jhala is the upbeat staccato portion of the raga that generally comes at the end/climax/crescendo of the raga. In this video, you will also learn all about the raga Janasamohini (“that which mesmerizes the people”), an evening melody. And we will improve your rhythmic sense with some teental (16 beats: 4+4+4+4).

This raga tutorial video was recorded 2015-08-26 in Virginia.

This recording was made with the tanpura set at Sa = F (+8 cents). Sa = 3 holes down. Regardless of what pitch flute you have, just set your tanpura (drone) to be at the pitch of three holes down on your flute, and play using the same fingerings as shown in this video. Indian music uses a movable tonic and thus Janasamohini need not be played at F: playing it with these fingerings will always sound great assuming your tanpura is set to YOUR Sa (which is three holes down for your flute).

Bansuri Bliss Productions

VIDEO: Janasamohini Tutorial - Rupak Composition And Taans

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches a composition in the evening raga Janasamohini, set to rupak, a common 7-beat rhythmic cycle. While the scale of Janasamohini is straightforward and the fingering not too difficult, this composition is rhythmically complex, so the lesson is for those who have already acquired the fundamentals of rhythm (i.e. at the very least, you can play along with teental fairly naturally). Also included in the lesson are taans and variations of the composition.

IMPORTANT: there should NOT be a Komal Ga anywhere in Janasamohini; this video has an error in the written music. Specifically, the manjha (Line 2 of asthai) shows an unwanted komal line under Ga. This has since been corrected (removed) in the downloadable PDF that is available to all Bansuri Bliss Members in Bansuri Bliss Academy.

Recorded live in Ibague, Tolima, Colombia as part of the August 15th, 2021 Bansuri Bliss Members Lesson. Here’s what some lesson attendees had to say:

“Teental is easier, rupak is more interesting. Very beautiful composition”
— Иван Атаман

“Beautiful and challenging!”
— Suraj Sonar

“Thank you Kerry ji for the beautiful lesson”
— Tushar Kanty Bhattacharyya

Dr. Kriger is playing with the tanpura tuned to Sa (three holes closed) = F (+12 cents).

Video: Bansuri Bliss Holiday Bash: December 30th, 2021

In this video, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches Janasamohini Arhythmic Scale Exercises during the inaugural Bansuri Bliss Holiday Bash. You will also hear several other ragas, including Ahir Bhairav, Darbari and Desh. Dr. Kriger performs on bansuri and dan moi (Vietnamese jaw harp), and answers questions including:
“Any tips on memorizing compositions?”; and
“How many ragas should you try and learn at a time? Just one, a couple, a few?”.

Video: Bansuri with Three Tabla Players: Janasamohini - Kerry Kriger

Raag Janasamohini in teental. Dr. Kerry Kriger is playing bansuri (bamboo flute; in F). Rasikananda Das, Sebastian and Pablo on tabla.

Arohi: SRGPDnS
Avarohi: SnDPGRS

Recorded April 4, 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina at SARGAM music school.

Videos: Janasamohini in the Amazon

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays Janasamohini at Kilometer 20, Florencia, Caqueta, Colombia. Recorded May 1st, 2013. On F flute.

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Take The Janasamohini Course

If you like raag Janasamohini and want to learn it more in depth, become a Bansuri Bliss Member and gain access to the full Janasamohini course in Bansuri Bliss Academy, the world’s greatest collection of bansuri learning materials.

You will go deeper in your Janasamohini learning when you become a Bansuri Bliss Member. You will gain access to the full Janasamohini course, in which you will learn Janasamohini compositions and also improvisations such as alap, taans and jhala. You will be able to download various PDF’s to help with your practice for many years to come. Perfect for beginning as well as advanced bansuri players.

Costa Rica - Tarcoles River 2021 Bansuri - Kerry Kriger William Sheldon

Bansuri Bliss Member William Sheldon and Dr. Kerry Kriger play Janasamohini at the Tarcoles River during the November 2021 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour

Click the image above to see the lessons included in the official Bansuri Bliss Course, available to all Bansuri Bliss Members.

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