Bhimpalasi: How To Play The Most Popular Afternoon Raga

Bhimpalasi Bansuri

​​Bhimpalasi is a popular late afternoon raga from northern India. This webpage was created to help musicians learn Bhimpalasi. The materials on this page are applicable whether you are a bansuri player or a vocalist, and can be used on any type of instrument that can produce notes of the chromatic scale (i.e. most instruments!).

The scale of Bhimpalasi is:
​SgmPnS ​(arohi: ascent)
​SnDPmgRS (avarohi: descent)

​Sa, Komal Ga, Shuddh Ma, Pa, Komal Ni, High Sa
High Sa, Komal Ni, Shuddh Dha, Pa, Shuddh Ma, Komal Ga, Shuddh Re, Sa

​The scale is pentatonic (5 notes) in ascent and heptatonic (7 notes) in descent. The Shuddh Ma is of high importance in the raga. Pandit Ravi Shankar described the mood of the raga as being like "the pangs of longing for a distant lover". Bhimpalasi is sometimes written as Bhimpalas or Bhimpalasri. 

Download The Bh​​impalasi Teental Composition

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Bhimpalasi Lesson #1: The Scale

In the video below, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches an introductory lesson in Bhimpalasi, focused on the scale and how to play the notes on bansuri. The video was recorded on an F flute (+8 cents) in Misiones, Argentina April 29th, 2016.

Bhimpalasi Scale

Bhimpalasi Lesson #2: The Asthai

In this lesson, Dr. Kriger teaches the Bhimpalasi scale and then a three line asthai (composed of a one line gat and a two line manjha). Recorded in Virginia​ on July 10th, 2017

​"Kerry, this is my first composition that I learned from your YouTube lessons. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful compositions, they are unique and of musical value. Oh yes, I also watched a video of recommendations from traditional music masters for listening and learned that your Guru was trained by Ravi Shankar! Now I have a feeling of touching two such musical legends, thank you for that too!"
-- Bansuri Bliss Member Ivan Koshevoy, Ukraine

Bhimpalasi in the Rainforest

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays Bhimpalasi on bamboo flute in Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia (near Canungra Creek, O'Reilly's area). Recorded December 2006

Bhimpalasi at Lake Tahoe

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays Bhimpalasi on the bansuri on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Enjoy the raga! Recorded live on June 28th, 2014.

Bhimpalasi ​Lessons Available In The Bansuri Bliss Membership Site

You can deepen your Bhimpalasi practice by becoming a Bansuri Bliss Member, for which you will gain access ​a variety of Bhimpalasi lessonss (as well as lessons in many other ragas), including:​

-- Bhimpalasi Scale
-- Tental composition ​taught by Vijay Raghav Rao
-- Teental composition ​taught by ​Bashir Ahmed Khan
-- Teental Jhala
-- ​Jhaptal composition ​taught by ​Kumar Mardur
-- ​​Rupak composition ​taught by ​​Vijay Raghav Rao

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