Anubodh: Bansuri Maker

Anubodh bansuri maker

​When you know with 100% certainty you want a fabulous bansuri and you are willing to pay a premium for quality, get yourself an Anubodh bansuri. I have been playing his bamboo flutes for years.

“Hi Doctor Kerry:  My new Anubodh bansuri arrived and it’s all I hoped for – nice clear sound and beautifully made.  I appreciate your guiding me to the right man for the best flute! Thanks!”– George Gillson


“Hello Anubodh,

I received my F bansuri today and it looks and sounds gorgeous!!!!!! It fits my hands very nicely and, in time, I’ll be able to reach my pinky finger to the last hole. The sound is so beautiful—it almost plays by itself.

Many thanks,
Ingrid P. Dean”

And a followup email…

“Hello Anubodh,

I absolutely LOVE the F bansuri you crafted for me. It is the nicest bansuri I have ever owned. I love it so much that I would now like to order a G bansuri from you. My instructor, Dr. Kerry Kriger, was absolutely correct in his assessment of your bansuris. Their quality is just wonderful…..

Ingrid P. Dean”

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