Why I Never Allow Ads On My YouTube Videos

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Since 2013, I have published 99 bansuri videos to the Bansuri Bliss YouTube Channel, totaling over 23 hours of music.

Never once have I allowed YouTube to place an ad before, during or after my videos.

Why? Its simple: I value your time. Any YouTube creator who allows ads to destroy your viewing experience and waste your time does not value your time; on the contrary, they would rather earn a half of a cent (if they’re lucky) then allow you to watch their content in peace.

Unfortunately, YouTube’s newest change to their terms and conditions states that they have the right to place ads on any video on their site, regardless of whether the creator is getting paid, and regardless of whether the creator has authorized it. As such, I apologize in advance if YouTube puts ads on my videos…I unfortunately have no control over it.

What I do have control over though is how much of my future efforts I will dedicate to the creation of videos for the YouTube platform.

Over the last couple weeks, I have recorded 21 episodes of the soon to be released Bansuri Bliss Podcast, a completely free, audio only series dedicated to teaching you the fundamentals of bansuri and Indian classical music; the intricacies of raga; and an array of musical insights they don’t teach you in school (or anywhere online). Stay tuned for further details!

Kerry Kriger Bansuri YouTube Star Valley of the Gods 2020-10-26 2 1400

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger preparing to play a sunset raga in the Valley of the Gods, Utah, October 26th, 2020.

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