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Kerry Kriger Bansuri Students

Let’s Jam Together On An Alankar!

My third bansuri lesson with Dr. Kerry Kriger was quite exciting! Firstly, he had an interesting virtual background cover photo of Indian musical legends, while on the video call. It felt like I was in a room of musical legends watching me! The ‘vibe’ of the lesson was entirely different.

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Bansuri Rhythm

The Importance Of Playing Your Bansuri With Rhythm

The bansuri sounds really nice when you play it with rhythm. Rhythm is something that’s both innate within you, and all around you. And playing in rhythm is great practice!

In this insightful, entertaining, soulful and enlightening lesson with Dr. Kerry, I learned the importance of playing the bansuri with a sense of rhythm. In the world of Indian classical music notation, you use various symbols to denote the rhythm.

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Bansuri Stories

The Bansuri Journey Begins: My First Online Lesson

I’m Akshay, a bansuri enthusiast and one of Dr. Kerry Kriger’s new students. I’m going to be sharing my journey of learning to play the bansuri, so you can join the fun! To give you a bit of a background, I did some research online to find a good bansuri teacher, and found Dr. Kerry’s style to be unique, blending eastern and western styles. His videos were different from the ones I’d seen, so I decided to reach out to him.

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Online Bansuri Tutorials

Real Bansuri Lesson With Dr. Kerry Kriger (July 14th, 2019)

In an effort to spread the bansuri bliss and the lndian classical music knowledge far and wide, Dr. Kerry Kriger gave this free online bansuri lesson on July 14th, 2019. If you seek bansuri knowledge and inspiration, this class is for you!

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Bansuri Bliss India Immersion 2020

Join The 2020 Bansuri Bliss India Immersion

We invite you to join the 2020 Bansuri Bliss India Immersion, a travel experience like no other, designed specifically for bansuri players and lovers of north Indian classical music! ​The 2020 Bansuri Bliss India Immersion will take place over the course of two weeks​ in Hyderabad, India, a city with a rich musical history.

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Bansuri Books

Bansuri Books by Dr. Kerry Kriger

Kerry Kriger’s Guide To Indian Classical Music: Book Series Finding compositions of Indian Classical Music can be challenging, as very few exist online or in bookstores. Thus I am preparing the first in what I expect to be an ongoing series of books to teach you the fundamentals of bansuri and Indian Classical Music. I have […]

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Free Bansuri Tutorials

Free Online Bansuri Lessons

​In an effort to spread the bansuri bliss and the lndian classical music knowledge far and wide, Dr. Kerry Kriger will be giving a free online bansuri lesson​. During the lesson, Dr. Kriger will teach a raga (traditional melody from northern India), discuss rhythm and explain how to read and write Indian classical music. ​If […]

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Bansuri Reviews

Free Expert Review Of Your Bansuri Recording

To assist your bansuri ​learning, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger can review an audio recording of yours and provide personalized feedback, including recommendations for ways you can improve your music (if applicable).

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Private Online Bansuri Lessons

Private Bansuri Lessons

The absolute best way to learn Indian classical music is through private, one-on-one lessons with a knowledgeable teacher. All the famous Indian classical musicians learned in this manner (the guru-shishya parampara).  While the internet provides a massive amount of Indian music knowledge through free videos, all that information is transmitted uni-directionally: from the teacher to the […]

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Bansuri Guru

Personalized Bansuri Learning Recommendations

​Every bansuri player has different circumstances regarding their bansuri learning, and thus there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the questions “How can I learn bansuri?” or “Will you guide me?”. For example, a bansuri player willing to practice 4 hours per day and travel to the other side of the planet to receive private lessons needs […]

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