Bansuri Bliss Rhythm Fest

Bansuri Bliss Birthday Rhythm Fest 2022 drums

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WHEN: December 25th, 2022

The inaugural Bansuri Bliss Rhythm Fest was held as a FREE online event on December 25th, 2022 at 8am Los Angeles time. All music students were encouraged to attend.

Your Host: DR. Kerry Kriger

The event will be hosted by Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger, who has been studying, performing, recording and teaching Indian classical music since 1996.

Rhythm Konnakol
Srikant Bhatlawande Tabla Instructor

Special Guest Srikant Bhatlawande

We will be joined by a very special guest, tabla master Srikant Bhatlawande of Hyderabad, India, who has been playing and teaching tabla for decades. Srikant has been teaching Dr. Kriger the intricacies of tabla and north Indian rhythms since 2019, and is exceptionally talented at passing on rhythmic knowledge in a clear and precise manner, removing any ambiguities or points of confusion from the learning process.

All Music Enthusiasts Welcome

Dr. Kriger and Srikant look forward to teaching you new rhythms and new ways to think about rhythm, and encourage you to attend the event! No previous musical training is required and no instruments are required. We hope to see you at Bansuri Bliss Rhythm Fest!

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