Bansuri Lessons For Kids

Bansuri Lessons For Children
Kids Learn Bansuri Online

WHy Should Kids Study Music?

It is widely accepted that learning, playing and listening to music stimulates the brain and serves as a healthy diversion from ordinary life. Learning Indian classical music will provide young students with musical fundamentals that will last a lifetime, serve them well in any style of music, and enable them to connect easily with other musicians. They will also likely rise to the top of whatever music classes they take in their formal school curriculum!

Bansuri Lessons For Kids (2021 Review From Hanu and Kapish)

“Dr. Kriger made what was extremely difficult for me seems simple. I guarantee you, if you stick with Kerry Kriger and the Bansuri Bliss team along with all the amazing students, your growth will happen exponentially. For me, Kerry Kriger made what seemed impossible become possible. And with that, I hope you have an amazing bansuri journey.”
– Hanu Ramdoss

Bansuri Lessons For Kids (2022 Review From Hanu and Kapish)

“Hello, my name is Kapish, and I want to inform you about bansuri and one of the best classes for learning this awesome instrument, Bansuri Bliss. First off, bansuri is a natural instrument made of bamboo with seven or eight holes. Now I’m going to tell you about this super class for learning this instrument.”

Ways Kids Can Learn From Us

There are three main ways to learn from Bansuri Bliss…

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