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​Free Online Bansuri Lessons

In an effort to spread the Bansuri Bliss and the lndian classical music knowledge far and wide, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger occasionally gives free online bansuri lessons. Enter your contact info into the form and we will email you the event details for the next lesson.

BONUS: When you sign up , you will also be entered into the monthly drawing for a free PRIVATE bansuri lesson with Dr. Kriger!

During the lessons, ​you will learn a raga (traditional melody from northern India), ​the basics of rhythm​, ​and how to read and write Indian classical music. You may even get a PDF of the written class notes e-mailed to ​you afterwards.

All you have to do is enter once, and your name will remain in the drawings and announcement list long into the future (so long as you remain subscribed to the Bansuri Bliss mailing list).

If you seek bansuri knowledge and inspiration, these classes are for you! No prior experience is necessary.

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Free Online Bansuri Lessons

When I see you playing I see a master of bansuri where your hands are dancing in beautiful movements. Your hands are magic and inspire a great harmony. All your videos are wonderful.”
– Bansuri Bliss Member João Soares, Portugal

Bansuri Ahir Bhairav

​Dr. Kerry Kriger plays an afternoon raga on Cayoya Island, Palawan, Philippines. March 2019. Dr. Kriger has been giving bansuri tutorials online since 2013.

Kerry Kriger Hansadhwani Lessons

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays a late afternoon raga in Piratinanga, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2020.

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Australia Flute Aboriginal

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays bansuri in the Bunya Mountains of Queensland, Australia

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