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Free Online Bansuri Lessons

​In an effort to spread the bansuri bliss and the lndian classical music knowledge far and wide, Dr. Kerry Kriger will be giving a free online bansuri lesson​. During the lesson, Dr. Kriger will teach a raga (traditional melody from northern India), discuss rhythm and explain how to read and write Indian classical music. ​If you attend, you will ​​get a PDF of the written class notes e-mailed to ​you afterwards. 

If you seek bansuri knowledge and inspiration, this class is for you! The lesson is open to all bansuri enthusiasts and no prior experience is necessary. Please sign up below and share this page with your friends who love bansuri.

Lesson Time:
​​Ju​ly 14th, 2019 at ​9am ​​​Los Angeles time
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Free Online Bansuri Lessons

When I see you playing I see a master of bansuri where your hands are dancing in beautiful movements. Your hands are magic and inspire a great harmony. All your videos are wonderful."
- Bansuri Bliss Member João Soares, Portugal

Bansuri Lessons Online

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays the raga Mian Malhar on the slopes of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia, May 2019

Namaste Flute Lover!
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