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Yaman is one of India’s most popular ragas, and for good reason. But without guidance, it is unlikely you will understand Yaman.

Yaman is an evening melody that is especially popular with flute players due to its relatively easy fingering (i.e. no partially closed holes). While the fingering may be easy, Yaman is a fairly complex raga, with a variety of rules that must be adhered to, and thus it does take quite a while to become adept at. So let’s get started!

Kerry Kriger Hyderabad India

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger in Hyderabad with two amazing (Saawan Kakkeri and Murali Dhar) and their tabla students. January 2019

First Things First...

Yaman Scale

The first thing we need to know about any raga is its scale. You must memorize the scale, and practice it over and over and over. Yaman is best learned AFTER you have spent time learning the Kalyan scale, as Yaman’s scale is derived from Kalyan.

The scale of Yaman is:
NRGMDNS – Arohi (Ascending Scale)
SNDPMGRS – Avarohi (Descending Scale)

– Low Ni, Shuddh Re, Shuddh Ga, Teevra Ma, Shuddh Dha, Shuddh Ni, High Sa
– High Sa, Shuddh Ni, Shuddh Dha, Pa, Teevra Ma, Shuddh Ga, Shuddh Re, Sa

Yaman Bansuri Lesson

This webpage was created to help musicians of all backgrounds learn Yaman. The materials on this page are applicable whether you are a bansuri player, a vocalist, or an instrumentalist playing any type of instrument that can produce notes of the chromatic scale (i.e. most instruments!).

Watch And Learn

Yaman - Introductory Scale Exercises

In this video tutorial, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches two important Yaman scale exercises. The video was recorded on an F flute (+8 cents) in Manassas, Virginia on August 16th, 2019.

Watch And Learn

Bansuri Lesson In Raag Yaman from Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao

In this flute lesson, Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches an important Yaman scale exercise that he learned from his guru, bansuri master Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao. This exercises will help you understand the structure of Yaman, which is one of the most commonly heard ragas from northern India. Dr. Kriger’s bamboo flute is at F flute (+8 cents) and the video was recorded in Manassas, Virginia on August 16th, 2019.

Watch And Learn

Dr. Kerry Kriger Teaches Yaman in Rio de Janeiro

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger teaches a composition in raag Yaman that he learned from Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao in August 2007.

You can (and should) download the written notation further down this page.

While the composition is intended for Ati Drut (very fast speed), it can be played at whatever speed you are comfortable with…and here we play it in a not very fast teental (154 beats per minute). Sa is set at F. Here’s the video…

“In January 2020 I had a great time teaching Yaman to six bansuri students in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I recorded the entire lesson and published it for your bansuri learning pleasure. The lesson is two hours long. If you take the time to listen to it, think about it, and practice it, I absolutely guarantee you will have a solid understanding of Yaman and will be a much better bansuri player.”

Real Bansuri Lessons...

Download This Yaman PDF

Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger prepared four pages of written music to ensure you understand the fundamentals of Yaman, and so that you can play a composition he learned from his guru, Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao. Dr. Kriger also prepared taans and gamak practice…and it is all included in the PDF below.

To download the PDF, simply enter your details here:

Yaman Questions Answered

Q:  “Hello, In Yaman, one should avoid SR or NR?”
— Antonio A., Bansuri Bliss Member, Chile

A: “Hi Antonio.

Play NR. Never play SR. You can play NS but must descend afterwards.

Play MD. Never play PD. You can play MP but must descend afterwards.”
— Kerry

Vijay Raghav Rao Bansuri Masters

Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao

Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao

If it is true that...

Your Goal Is To Play Amazing Yaman

Go deeper in your Yaman learning by becoming a Bansuri Bliss Member. You will gain access to the full Yaman course, in which you will learn Yaman compositions, and also improvisations such as alap, taans and jhala. Of course, you will also gain access to an array of other benefits exclusive to Bansuri Bliss Members.

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