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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have professional skills and a desire to learn bansuri? If so, read on!

Bansuri Bliss occasionally requires assistance with graphic design, web design, computer programming, marketing and other business needs. If you can help out, then Dr. Kerry Kriger can provide you with bansuri lessons as an exchange for your valuable assistance. You will be helping Bansuri Bliss spread the music and improving your own musical skills as well!

Please look through the following volunteer positions and fill out the volunteer application form (at the bottom of this page) only if you are capable AND reliable. 

In general, we seek volunteers whose skill levels are PROFESSIONAL rather than novice. We appreciate if you have some skills, but we seek volunteers who are AMAZING at what they do. So if you are a novice, please brush up on your skills and return to this page once you have proficiency.

Thank you for your interest in Bansuri Bliss!

Volunteer Music

​Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger playing an afternoon raga in Kazbegi National Park, Georgia, November 2017

Developer - Google Pay

We want to be able to offer Google Pay as a payment method on our website. As such we seek a developer who can integrate Google Pay into this WordPress website. An ideal candidate is skilled with API's and has worked with Google Pay (or understands what needs to be done by reading the documentation in the above link).

Website Developer - WordPress/HTML/CSS

This site is built on WordPress and we are continually developing the site to ensure it is user-friendly, easy to navigate, secure, enjoyable and educational for web visitors. If you have significant WordPress skills, or are fluent in HTML/CSS, then we could likely use your assistance.

Graphic Design

Are you creative AND skilled in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and/or Photoshop? If so, you may be able to assist us with graphic design (e.g. logos, icons, ebooks).

Video Editing

Are you creative AND skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro? If so, you may be able to assist us with making high quality bansuri tutorials. We appreciate if you use other editing software, but this volunteer position requires Adobe Premiere Pro.

Audio Engineering

Are you skilled in audio production and editing? If so, you may be able to assist us with making our bansuri recordings sound even better. Ideally you have Adobe Audition, but other programs (e.g. Pro Tools) work fine as well.

A​pp Developer

​Do you build Android and/or iOS mobile apps? Want to help build a Bansuri Bliss app to spread the bansuri music? Let us know!

Developer - API's, JSON, Python

Are you skilled in API's, JSON and Python? If so, you could help us back up some important documents from the cloud.

​Bookkeeper / Tax Advisor

Are you ​a professional bookkeeper or CPA based in the USA? If so, we could use your advice!

Bansuri Volunteer

​Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger playing an afternoon raga near Sighisoara, Romania. May 30th, 2018

​Apply Here!

​Please remember that we only want you to apply if you are highly skilled. We appreciate your interest in helping Bansuri Bliss!

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