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Kerry Kriger Bansuri Students

Let’s Jam Together On An Alankar!

My third bansuri lesson with Dr. Kerry Kriger was quite exciting! Firstly, he had an interesting virtual background cover photo of Indian musical legends, while on the video call. It felt like I was in a room of musical legends watching me! The ‘vibe’ of the lesson was entirely different.

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Bansuri Rhythm

The Importance Of Playing Your Bansuri With Rhythm

The bansuri sounds really nice when you play it with rhythm. Rhythm is something that’s both innate within you, and all around you. And playing in rhythm is great practice!

In this insightful, entertaining, soulful and enlightening lesson with Dr. Kerry, I learned the importance of playing the bansuri with a sense of rhythm. In the world of Indian classical music notation, you use various symbols to denote the rhythm.

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