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Real Bansuri Lesson With Dr. Kerry Kriger (July 14th, 2019)

In an effort to spread the Bansuri Bliss and the lndian classical music knowledge far and wide, Dr. Kerry Kriger gave this free online bansuri lesson on July 14th, 2019. If you seek bansuri knowledge and inspiration, this class is for you!

Watch The Video Here:

What You Will Learn In This Video Tutorial

During the lesson, Dr. Kriger discussed:

- Bhoopali Alap: 00:45
- The Guru-Shishya Parampara: 4:34
- Vadi, Samvadi and Vivadi: 6:46
- Playing In Tune & Improving One's Sense Of Pitch: 14:40
- Practice Philosophy: 21:22
- Tuning (Cents): 25:42
- Practicing With Tabla: 26:55
- Bhoopali Simple Scale Exercise: 31:00
- Reading Indian Classical Music: 35:08
- Natural Musical Abilities: 37:26
- Riyaz: 40:20
- How To Hold A Bamboo Flute: 44:57
- How To Play The High Notes: 46:30
- Gamak: 48:34
- Bansuri Bliss Memberships: 55:31
- Bhoopali Teental: 60:56

​Take Your Bansuri Playing To The Next Level

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About the Author Dr. Kerry Kriger

Namaste! I am the Founder & President of Bansuri Bliss and have been studying, recording, performing and teaching bansuri since 1996. I spent ten enjoyable years learning the intricacies of raga and bansuri from the legendary flute player Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao. I have also studied tabla Hindustani vocal music, as well as guitar and western music. I regularly perform around the world, and you may hear the sounds of my bamboo flute on a beach at sunset or filling the air of a mountain valley.

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