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Personalized Bansuri Learning Recommendations

​Every bansuri player has different circumstances regarding their bansuri learning, and thus there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the questions "How can I learn bansuri?" or "Will you guide me?".

For example, a bansuri player willing to practice 4 hours per day and travel to the other side of the planet to receive private lessons needs a very different answer compared to the bansuri player who practices 15 minutes a day and only plans to learn by watching free online videos.

As such, I created the ​survey below so that any bansuri player wishing to receive answers to the above questions can provide me some important information with which I can provide ​bansuri learning recommendations personalized to their particular life circumstances.

​Please complete the form below if you wish to receive learning recommendations personalized to your own bansuri circumstances.

"Dear Kerry, I am overwhelmed with seeing your continuous efforts for your current and would be disciples."
-- Harish Solanki, Hyderabad, India

Kerry Kriger Bansuri Teacher

Dr. Kerry Kriger Teaching Bansuri Online, May 7th, 2018 

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