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Before You Cancel Your Membership

As cancellation of one’s Bansuri Bliss Membership is often a significant step towards departing from one’s bansuri playing journey, I felt compelled to create this page. My goals are:

(1) Ensure you are aware of the benefits of membership and your alternatives to cancellation;

(2) Provide you with simple ways to find more time to practice;

(3) Inspire you to remain a Bansuri Bliss Member; and

(4) Give you an easy way to cancel if you still want to do so.

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First Off...

You Can Cancel With Ease

If you are set on cancellation, we will ensure your cancellation is smooth and simple. If you enrolled after June 10th 2020, you can cancel on your own by visiting your account area and choosing the cancellation option there. Otherwise, simply contact us and we will process your cancellation.

After you cancel, you will receive an email confirming your cancellation and requesting you complete a brief survey. Your survey responses help us to improve Bansuri Bliss for the betterment of our current and future members, so we appreciate you taking a couple minutes to complete the survey.

Learn Bansuri Online

If it is true that...

Your Goal Is To Play Amazing Music

I am guessing that you, like me, have a goal to play amazing music. If that is correct, and if bansuri and north Indian classical music are still part of your musical vision, then I truly believe that maintaining your Bansuri Bliss Membership would be hugely beneficial to you. So let’s explore the likeliest reasons you have for considering cancelling your membership, and provide some remedies…

Perhaps You Feel Like...

You Aren't Sure What Membership Benefits Are Available To You

Bansuri Bliss Memberships are ever-evolving and improving. Our goal is that every member has an over-abundance of high quality learning materials and opportunities. Bansuri is a lifelong pursuit and we aim keep you intellectually stimulated wherever you are on your musical journey. Review the list of benefits shown here and ensure you are taking advantage of them.

Your Membership Benefits

  • Full access to Bansuri Bliss Academy online courses, available 24/7/365 for your self-studying pleasure and enlightenment.
  • Weekly online lessons led by Bansuri Bliss Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger, open to all members. Learn something new, get feedback on your playing, and get your questions answered.
  • A complimentary half-hour private lesson with Dr. Kriger upon signup, to ensure you are headed in the right direction and no what your next steps should be.
  • Access to the Bansuri Bliss Discord Server, where you can communicate with and learn from Dr. Kriger and fellow Bansuri Bliss Members.
  • Access to private bansuri lessons with Dr. Kriger (not included with your membership, but only available to members).
  • Discounts on educational offerings, travel experiences and merchandise.
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How I Found Hundreds Of Hours Of Extra Time

I created hundreds of hours of practice time in my life by playing at bus stops, and in train stations and airports while everyone else was wasting their life away bored out of their minds. And I’m a much better musician for it. You can probably find some extra time as well if you are dedicated to improving your bansuri playing.

You would be amazed at how many opportunities there are to play music during what would otherwise be boring or wasted minutes. Watch my video “How To Make Time To Practice Music” for some tips.

“Namaste Kerry ji,
I have been practising the bansuri every day and I am loving it. When can we have our next class?”

– Tushar Bhattacharya, Bangalore

Perhaps You Feel Like...

You Don't Have Enough Time To Practice

I get it. These are busy times in which we live. Musical knowledge and enlightenment though does not magically appear. Our musical heroes all found or made the time to practice, through dedication, determination, time management and sacrifice.

You Probably Do Have A Few Minutes Per Day

Play every day, even if only for a few minutes. I call this the Bansuri Bliss One Minute Challenge. If you can remember to play for even one minute every single day, the bansuri will become part of your life and your musical dreams will not be forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And one minute can easily become a few minutes or a half hour if you allow yourself to forget the outside world for a while.

Perhaps You Feel Like...

You Are Completely Lost When It Comes To Bansuri

Did you take advantage of your complimentary private lesson with me? Every member gets one upon joining.

Do you attend our weekly members lessons so you can ask questions and get direct feedback on your playing?

Did you take the Getting Started With Bansuri Course to ensure you have a theoretical understanding of how the music and the learning process works?

If you have dedicated yourself to bansuri and still feel lost, or if you never took advantage of your free private lesson, go ahead and schedule a complimentary lesson with me using the link below.

These are great video for learning the basics.

Dear Kerry,
I was fortunate to get a chance to participate and listen to you in today’s lesson. I have been immensely benefited by your YouTube channel and Getting Started With Bansuri lessons.
With best regards, Sunil Acharya, Nepal”

Are You Currently Paying By The Month?​

Bansuri Bliss offers annual memberships, which provide a significant savings over monthly memberships. We can help you get switched over to the more cost-effective annual plan.

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Perhaps You Feel Like...

You Can't Afford A Membership

Berklee College of Music charges $42,000+ per year. A private weekly lesson in the USA would cost $2,500 per year. A private weekly lesson in the India would likely cost $600 per year (I used to pay 1,000 INR per lesson).

Bansuri Bliss Memberships are significantly less expensive than any of the options above.

Of course there is plenty of free online info (including a wealth of free materials I have published), but learning on your own runs contrary to the guru-shishya parampara (teacher-student tradition) and seldom results in master musicians.

OK, so what should you do if you truly have financial limitations and cannot afford your Bansuri Bliss Membership?

The best thing to do is to write me and explain your situation. I do provide financial assistance to dedicated students in need. Please re-read that sentence prior to writing me. The key here is that you are dedicated. I am not very enthusiastic about providing financial assistance to students who don’t practice or attend members lessons. So if you request and receive financial assistance, please take that as extra incentive to apply yourself to bansuri.

“Kerry, I have been inspired way more by you than all other sources I have stumbled upon ever. Keep doing what you are doing.”

– Mohammad Twaha, Canada

Perhaps You Feel Like...

You Are No Longer Inspired

It can certainly happen, for a variety of reasons. If you currently lack inspiration, here are some suggestions:

Take a private lesson with me: you will pick up new skills and absorb some inspiration.

Listen to more Indian classical music. Revisit your personal collection, or find your favorite artist on YouTube or Spotify.

Meet inspiration halfway, like Igor Stravinsky suggested: you do need to put in the practice, so that inspiration knows where to find you.

Play in nature: take a hike, bring your flute, and enjoy peaceful music in the outdoors.

And Finally...

Things To Keep In Mind If You Do Cancel

You will always be welcome back and can re-initiate your membership easily.

Your membership site access remains active until your renewal/expiry date.

If you re-initiate your membership at a later date, your new membership pricing will be at whatever the rate is upon your return, rather than whatever you originally signed up at.

Bansuri Bliss occasionally holds online events available to non-members and you are encouraged to attend.

“I just restarted with your online courses, they are really amazing. Thanks a lot for your amazing content!”

– Gabriel Uribe, France

Best Of Luck On Your Musical Journey!

Whatever you choose to do, we hope to see you again and hope that you got a lot out of your Bansuri Bliss Membership experience!

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