Bansuri Books

Bansuri Books by Dr. Kerry Kriger

Kerry Kriger's Guide To Indian Classical Music: Book Series

Finding compositions of Indian Classical Music can be challenging, as very few exist online or in bookstores. Thus I am preparing the first in what I expect to be an ongoing series of books to teach you the fundamentals of bansuri and Indian Classical Music. I have been adding to this book daily and will release as soon as possible! I am excited and hope you are too.

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Bansuri Learning Materials

Dr. Kerry Kriger plays a melody by the seaside, Menorca, Spain, 2018

More About The Books

​​The first book will teach you how to play bamboo flute, from scratch, regardless of your experience level, and will cover all the major concepts that I incorporate into my flute playing. The book will give you the structure to play ragas, to improvise and to practice in an effective manner with good musical habits that allow you to improve rapidly. Each book in the series will focus on a particular raga (melody). Compositions will be incorporated into each book.

The books will be an excellent tool for anybody who plays Indian Classical Music, regardless of instrument or experience. Beginners will find the introduction to Indian Classical Music (which includes an explanation on how to read Indian Music notation) very useful, while advanced musicians will enjoy learning new ragas, taan structures and complex rhythmic patterns. This will be an absolutely indispensable tool for anybody interested in Indian Classical Music.

The books will be in PDF form so you can download them right away. Digital copies are easy to travel with, so you can take your books anywhere and load them to your phone, tablet or computer for easy access while laying in bed or practicing your instrument.

These books will be a a fabulous tool to help you learn bansuri!

Bansuri Book

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