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In 2019 I will be giving 24 hours of online bansuri lessons that all Bansuri Bliss Members can attend. During these hour long lessons I teach ragas and demonstrate different principles of melody and rhythm. I usually start out by teaching music I composed that week, sharing my screen so that all attendees can view the written music as they listen to me explaining each line in detail. I explain how to read the music and members can download the notes after the lesson to add their music notebook. After teaching the composed music, I usually improvise on the concept so that it is clear how to apply what we learned to the actual raga.

Attendees are welcome to chat in their questions or even unmute their microphone and ask a question or play some bansuri so that I can provide direct input on their playing.

The first two lessons are scheduled already (January 13th and January 20th, 2019), with two new lessons being announced each month thereafter. All these online bansuri lessons get recorded and archived on the Bansuri Bliss Membership Site, which currently holds a wealth of information about bansuri, including:

  • Audio and video tutorials not available elsewhere (including my absolute best teaching); and
  • Downloadable PDFs of written compositions and exercises. These PDFs are invaluable: I still refer regularly to the compositions I learned 20+ years ago, most of which I meticulously wrote out by hand.

In 2019, you can enroll as a Bansuri Bliss Member for only $180 per year or $30 per month. On top of getting access to the 24 hours of live group lessons and the entire Membership Site, all new members get a private hour-hour lesson with me upon enrollment.

Unsure if Bansuri Bliss Memberships are right for you? Contact me and ask me anything about memberships. Or if you want to attend one of the upcoming lessons to see what it’s all about, just write in and request access to an upcoming lesson.

Bansuri Class Online

My guru Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao (who studied and collaborated with Pandit Ravi Shankar for thirty years, and who taught GS Sachdev and Ronu Majumdar) told me he gave me more lessons than any of his other disciples. My goal is to convey to you the music I learned from him as clearly as possible.

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  1. Hello Kerry!
    In most of your videos I have seen you using one bansuri, one with black trading. I have seen the same bansuri on website but forget where. could you tell the maker or give me the link for the website please?

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